hollow futility (canadabear) wrote,
hollow futility

I was going to post in the OOC comm before things moved, but I guess I missed it, so I'll put it here and hope that a few people, at least, will see it.

Milliways has been a huge and wonderful part of my RPing life. My very first post in the game was on August 17, 2005. Between then and now I've made some incredible friends, travelled to the USofA twice and had a blast actually meeting many of the players in omg real life, and just generally had an amazing time in a place that was always welcoming and in which I like to think I was able to grow a bit as a writer.

Though I'm not moving with the game to DW, I hope the game flourishes and continues to provide the same enjoyment for those who are following that it has for the last several years.

Thanks, Milliways. I take away nothing but fond memories. ♥
Tags: milliways, rp
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