hollow futility (canadabear) wrote,
hollow futility

State of the bear

Wow, I haven't updated in forever, but here we go. Short version? I'm unemployed and still being screwed over by my body.

I won't even go into the long version, but suffice to say I was let go from work a few months ago "through no fault of my own". I didn't fight it and really, I think a new start will do me some good. I got a nice severance, which is kind of almost gone, so hi, employment insurance! Please give me money. Job hunting is a soul sucking endeavor, but I persist.

Health wise... eh. I now have Type II diabetes, PCOS, chronic fatige and tendinitis in my left shoulder. I guess I'm sore, but surviving.

In personal matters, my sister got married last month! I got to wear a pretty dress, get makeup and hair done and prance around in sparkly high heels. I also have a new(ish) baby, who I got last fall. He is black and his name is Dover and he's pretty freaking cute. Along with Charlie, we make a nice little family.

That is all.
Tags: kitties make life worth living, medical crap, real life stuff, real life sucks
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