hollow futility (canadabear) wrote,
hollow futility

I'VE BEEN NUDGED. I guess this means I should update.

Not much has changed? Still not working, still seeing (new) therapist, and I'm not really sure how much has improved. I've started reading again, so that's something. Oh, I went to a movie! My current goal is to get out of my apartment once a day, which... is a lot harder than it sounds. My sleep is still screwed up and body pain is still an issue, but massage aids are nice.

I'm... not really over losing Marz yet. I mean, I'm not a mess on a regular basis, but I still have my moments and I haven't been able to put out the cast of her paw print yet. Charlie is a big help basically because he's a handful and a half (he's currently whining at me because he lost his mouse, my poor darling baby boy). I'm very glad I have him, but thoughts of a second cat aren't happening right now.

On the fandom front GRIMM. Once Upon A Time is cool, too, but mostly GRIMM. And Being Human US. OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH GUESS WHAT? Smallville Season 11 as a comic. Oh yeah, baby.

And, yeah. That's really it.

As you were.
Tags: fandom? what fandom, god why smallville, i like some entertainment, kitties make life worth living, medical crap, real life stuff, the animals in my life
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